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Hello, I’m Amy.

I help business owners grow their income with laser-targeted marketing and online business strategies that incorporate education based marketing.   

Three questions for you…

  1. Do you have a system in place that grows your social media & networking audience, builds your email list, AND converts a prospect into a client?    
  2. Have you positioned yourself as a trusted expert so that you have become top of mind when someone needs your services?
  3. Do you feel “maxed out” because you need more income but there’s no more time in the day to take on any more clients?

There is a simple marketing solution that can straighten out these issues.  One that helps you take charge of your business by providing extreme value, with the right focus, and using an effective system.


Gain the traction you need quickly and get your business to the point to where it feels like it’s operating on it’s own… sooner than you think.

Schedule your free Marketing Strategy Session to learn exactly how it’s done.

You’re in the right place!  Let’s make positive change… 

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Starting or Stuck?

You want to get your business started or you already have clients, and need a marketing system  that will effortlessly attract great clients and generate consistent income.

marketing strategy

Strictly Strategy

You are looking for a marketing strategy that’s packed with new ideas, laser-targeted, and full of momentum to help you achieve your income goal.