Food for Thought…..

I was having dinner with my husband at Carrabba’s Saturday night.  We love sitting at the kitchen where you can feel the energy and watch the chefs prepare food.  We both have worked in restaurants so we appreciate watching team work under pressure. It gets my creative juices flowing and adrenaline rushing, along with a tad bit of nostalgia of my younger years.

We halfway listen to the kitchen conversations over a glass of wine while waiting for our dinner, managing to halfway have our own conversation – which is almost always sparked by theirs. It’s a pretty cool dynamic.

Suddenly, I heard a cliché statement that caught my attention.

The young sous chef shouted back to his manager… “Yeah, but gratitude doesn’t pay the bills.”

Abruptly, and much to my surprise, words came flying out of my mouth.

“YES IT DOES!” I blurted out with strong conviction. (I privately felt sad for him).

My husband, the manager, the sous chef, the head chef and a waitress waiting for her order, were all looking at me.  My face grew hot and my adrenaline was rushing.

I couldn’t believe I just said that.

Without pause, the head chef said “Go ahead, explain, I’m intrigued.”  

(I thought to myself: Intrigued?  Yeah, me too!  Now what do I say?)

But without hesitation, a fulfilling expression of my passionate belief flowed in sauté of sentences…

I said “If you’re full of gratitude from deep within (I placed my hand between my heart and my gut) you can’t help but radiate positivity and strength. When you are positive and strong, you are peaceful in nature – you become approachable by everyone around you, and you are relied upon. People will look to you because they want and need what you have, and they trust you will deliver it. You become a magnet… it’s the law of attraction. And if you’re selling something, you will make money to pay the bills.”

“So, Gratitude Does Pay the Bills!” I concluded.

He smiled, nodded his head and we resumed to normal activity.  I had a slight sweat and my heart simmered on slow. I don’t even know if what I said made sense to him, or if the sous chef was even listening.  For some reason, I didn’t look at the sous chef. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t the one to ask me. But If he were listening, this is what he would’ve understood:

“The employee full of gratitude gets a raise. If you want, you will be the next head chef, then move to a bigger city, and will gradually oversee many restaurants to manage other head chefs.  Grateful people are open to learning, excited to be at work and have a job.  If you don’t want to be a chef, you believe the world is full of surprises, both good and bad, and trust that all surprises lead to opportunities and open doors. You know you are right where you’re supposed to be, but curious and excited for what’s waiting for you around the corner. You spread joy to your family and have an impact on your co-workers.”

So I wish for you to believe, if you are full of gratitude:

You will attract a potential employer who needs an employee like you.  Only the best of the best.  Job opportunities will come to you when you think nobody’s watching.

You will attract a spouse, only the best of the best, because “like attracts like” and they, too, will be positive, full of gratitude, and strong along side you.

You will attract customers who want to buy from you, or acquire clients that see possibilities and opportunities through your services.

You will have confidence in what you do, like who you are and want to become even more. The positive energy contained within you creates more energy – so much that you can only resort to sharing it. When you share, you become filled with more gratitude.

There you have it!  This is the creativity I cooked up from the Kitchen of Gratitude, seasoned with the spice of life and a hint of honest salt. Served with Love.

So eat your heart out, because gratitude does pays the bills!