Amy Sahf is a marketing expert who makes it truly rewarding for conscious business owners to develop an effective marketing strategy they need without spending more and trying irrelevant methods for the sake of marketing trends.

Leveraging attraction-based and relationship building marketing methods, she has helped hundreds of business owners consistently increase their profits, create more value, and align their personal goals with their professional goals to create genuine wealth.

Amy Sahf is truly performance based. As a former corporate marketing executive, life-long classical pianist, college professor and successful business owner, she is focused on marketing results that come from providing value along with purpose-driven action. satisfaction.

Amy says…

I began playing classical piano when I was four years old in Corning, New York. I learned the Suzuki Method and my mother would sit beside me while I practiced.  I graduated from Stetson University in Deland, Florida (miles from Doberman Dan!) with a Bachelor in Piano Performance and received a Masters in Piano Pedagogy from Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

I believe playing the piano was the reason I became very detail-oriented. The slightest touch or the lift of the wrist could make all the difference.  It is also the reason I have a passion for writing.  Notes are like letters, chords are like words, phrases are like sentences, and articulation is like grammar and punctuation. They both have cadences too.

Do you see how music and writing are closely related?   They are both languages and tell many stories.  The greatest stories and pieces of music stir up emotions in the reader or listener.  (Just like great copywriting).

Speaking of cadences!  Life has its cadences too.  I went on to have four children, two step-children (they are all teenagers now), a wonderful husband and worked several years in corporate sales and marketing.  Life is full and exciting!  – visit my facebook page 🙂

I didn’t know I would enjoy sales and marketing so much!  Teaching, parenting, music, writing, sales, marketing, consulting and good relationships all came together for me.


How I Can Help You & Your Business

I can create fantastic content to tell your story.  I generate leads and increase revenue through persuasive copy that performs like a great piece of music.  I get all the details through partnering with you, asking you the right questions, and not stopping until we get the right results and satisfaction.