Training Programs

I teach marketing to virtual professionals who want to learn how to

  • Kick butt in marketing their own business
  • Increase their marketing skills to better serve their clients

My training programs are designed to make certain you have a thorough understanding of the subject, ensure that you know how to implement it in your business, and hold you accountable for getting it done.


I have some pretty strong beliefs around marketing strategy. It must be closely tied to your business strategy. I mix marketing strategy with online business strategy because I believe business and marketing strategy must work together.

When you schedule a session with me, we will:

  • Review the marketing strategy you already have in place
  • Identify gaps and the areas to improve
  • Gain the clarity, direction and confidence you need to move forward

Marketing Design Services

Create your marketing strategy
Design the implementation steps to put your system into action


Being a former college professor, I passionately teach and talk at the same time. I offer high-energy, value-packed talks that engage the audience to get them thinking and inspire them to put their new knowledge and insights to use.